This Thursday, December 13th, through Sunday, December 16th, share the gift of beautiful jewelry from Unode50 and receive a FREE leather jewelry box as our gift with any $125 Unode50 purchase. See jewelry box pictured below.

Shop our extensive selection of Unode50 jewelry as well as the new initial collection  and new arrivals in gold. She is sure to love the unique, handcrafted nature of each beautiful piece of Unode50 jewelry.

Shop Unode50 at the Memorial and Utica Square locations.

UNOde50 is an international jewelry brand that prides itself on crafting unique, trend setting jewelry with a distinct style.

Each UNOde50 piece is handcrafted in Spain using an exclusive silver metal alloy that brings the design to life and gives each piece a special handmade texture. The jewelry undergoes exhaustive quality control, culminating in the assembly of pieces that combine metal with leather, handmade resigns, Murano glass, Swarovski glass, shell pearls and cotton threads.  Each UNOde50 jewelry piece is nickel free and hypoallergenic.

We love UNOde50 and know that you will too.